Image is everything, and now may have a new perspective! If it is true that the eye wants its part, we can make your imagination fly and communicate your business with creativity, originality and the highest quality. By involving your audience, emozionandolo and conquering with professional video and photographic services, interior and exterior, made from the air.
With our technology you can offer a new window on your business, with aerial shots from high-impact and original perspectives in high definition, even at low altitude. From visual communication to industrial inspection, we propose using the innovative and versatile tool drone services stabilized aerial images of the highest quality, both photographic and filmic, emphasizing the final result through careful editing work and post-production. The applications and fields of use of the drones are varied and almost endless. For example, for the commercial promotion of cottages, hotels, resorts, vacation villages, camping, horseback riding, etc. Movies with drones also give added value to your memories: weddings, ceremonies, sports and events.
The shoot drone are now in great demand for advertising agencies, real estate, tourism and photographs of parts of customers and clients. They also have a key role in environmental monitoring and inspections, inspections of roofs, bridges, chimneys, construction sites and facilities in general. We operate in full legality since our drone is insured and registered with ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority).
We hold flight certificates and permits both as pilots and as operators needed to offer services in this area.