Paola Guerra

Stylist & Event Planner

+39 392 923 6587

I was born in Villafranca di Verona on September 18th, 1975. After an experience as interior designer, while running my first floral store, I attended L'Ecole des Fleurs, and I graduated in 2007 as a floral designer. From this time on I dedicated myself to the realization of floral decorations for events and showrooms in general and in 2010 I began a close collaboration with a famous banqueting company of Verona, during which I impoved my knowledge in organizing any type of event. In 2018 I obtained a further degree of home stager and interior designer at "NAD - New Design Academy”. Creativity and innovation became my "modus operandi" that I apply every day to the many customer requests, whatever they are!

Thomas Dal Zotto

Pr & Event Planner

+39 349 934 6121

I was born in 1973 in Veneto, a region that I will leave very early to live many experiences in Italy and abroad. Fashion is my first love, and it is precisely in this field that, with the experience gained alongside succesful enterprises, I could develop and nourish contacts and essential relationships for my career and life. Thanks to my friendship with an important PR I could definitely consolidate my business. "The work in the world of events was like climbing a ladder, so incredibly natural". This is what I say when I speak of the second part of my job carreer. Transforming the desires and emotions of others from dreams to reality has allowed me to give vent to my creative talents by developing a consolidated activity of events organization. But my secret lies in the innate ability to "always being down-to-earth", working to live up to their expectations. "I will always thank Katia, without her I would have never realized that I was born to shape the beautiful"

Alessandro Leopoldo Orietti

Technical & Logistics Manager

+39 391 420 3928

I was born in Monselice (PD) on December 2, 1973. After a training course in the pharmaceutical sector, I worked mainly in Europe. I was part and I managed work groups composed of both manpower of basic type, and world famous professionals. I interacted proactively and profitably with everyone, without any form of discrimination. The coordination of the working group to the target, the planning and the control of activities are my cornerstones. Professional skills: good expertise in service providers management with a strong focus on problem solving in real time, selection and training of human resources, characteristics associated with the maximum control of quality, not only of the finished product but also of the individual work processes, in order to respect the prearranged standars.